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Business scope
China Import Feed Registration Center has formed an efficient, low cost and complete registration system from the preparation of project data, submission for preliminary examination, following of sample inspection, communication and coordination of the follow-up evaluation to the arrangement of supplementary data. The company will complete the whole registration and approval process and help your products come into market as soon as possible with strict work style and professional work attitude.
Main related laws and regulations of Import feed and feed additives registration
Regulation on Administration of Feed and Feed Additives
Measures for the Administration of Registration of Import Feed and Feed Additives
The catalogue of feed additive varieties
The catalogue of feed raw materials
Administrative Measure of Inspection, Quarantine and Supervision on Import and Export Feed and Feed Additives
The list for the products from the countries (regions) which are allowed to import the feeds and feed additives by the AQSIQ. 

MOA Imported Feed and Feed Additives Registration Flow Chart


1、We can offer service of product evaluation, technical circumvention,risk countermeasures and samples testing.
2、Guidance on preparing application materials, Previewing, Guidance on modification, Translation and Submitting application materials to MOA.
3、Follow-up on application status and feedback on results.
4、We can offer service on the delivery of samples and coordinating the standard materials. Follow-up on the status of samples Verification testing.
5、MOA issue the registered license and proclaims on official website.

  • Synchronized work

    Application cycle shortened by
    optimizing internal coordination
  • Confidentiality

    Customer file management and
    security system strictly implemented
  • After-sale service

    5x12 hours listening
    to customers feedback
  • Mature Channel

    Fcoused and persistence
    Has obtained certificate for thousands
    ofenterprises around the world
  • Payment security

    No invisible charges
    Not successful no charges
  • Expert Service

    One-for-One full follow-up of
    professional service specialists